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For a house to become a home, it needs to radiate the right kind of energy. According to a number of traditional beliefs, each home comes with its own energy type.

A person dwelling in a house comes under the influence of a specific energy field, which in turn influences him in one way or the other.

Therefore it’s very crucial to understand the link between the healing art of Vastu and our homes in honing positivity and good vibes.

Keeping in mind the ‘ready-to-move-in’ houses (where architectural changes are not possible), Vastu expert Charru Gupta, founder and owner of CLFS( Centre for Learning Fortune Sciencee ) , enlists ways you can bring balance to your home, Commercial and Industrial property.

Vastu aims at eliminating the negative energy and enhancing the positive energy

1. We help you in the right selection of plot and flat .
2. In existing Residential, Commercial or industrial property also, we in-corporate Vastu principles to achieve desired results.
3. We take utmost care in the placement of every object and right interior for your home
4. Right selection of colors in your day to day life
5. We suggest how to tackle outside minor or major obstacles in the property (Like tree, electric poll, park, hospital etc)
6. We always recommend less or non expensive remedies

Why consult us

With our rich experience and 100% satisfaction of our clients and students , you can bank upon us for few simple reasons.

Affordable remedies & solutions

Logical and scientific opinion to our clients.

No False commitments / promises

Give proper time, listen patiently to our clients

Give proper support after consultation

We give more than value for your money


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