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Charru g is finest Numerologist and her predictions are accurate and fruitful. Everyone should go at least once for her consultation for better future guidance. I am happy to consult with her . Thanks Charru g for showing me the right path of life. It all was my good karma that i met you and found the urge to change the life in correct direction.
Anshul Neema
Ms Charru Gupta is a good Numerologist. I found her Numerlogy course very lucid and easy to understand. Its been a wonderful experience learning under her guidance.
Surajj Pyne
She is really knowledgeable and absolutely correct in predictions.
CA Atul Agrrawal
A Good Numerologist. Has given an fair review / prediction. Would recommend to those who want to meet them self.
Ramessh Sharrma
Yes. The guidance is perfect and remedies suggested are really effective
Mihir Vaidya
she is a very good numerologist , I found her perfect...details provided by her are almost perfect and remedies suggested by her are perfect..they way she spoke about every points was really appreciable.
Yogessh Maheshware
I found her prediction was perfect...what actually is going in my life was defined by her with the help of her Numerology skill. And the solution given by her, seems it has started working a bit. So all over I would rate her 5 out of 5.
Akassh Kr Gupta
Very nice and experienced numerologist. I am happy with your opinion.
CA Lav Bareth
Look how right you are about everything. Seriously you are so amazing.
Diksha Jain
I was amazed to learn about my driver no. and my conductor no. and how it related to my life . Charru helped me to work out compatibilities with my future according to numerology. I do not make any major decisions without consulting with Charru first to ensure that I’m making the right choices and decision in relation to numerology
Yash Mehta
I had a session with Charru and want to thank her , you really put things into perspective.
Deepak Goyal
Thanks so much Charru for you genuine care and knowledge in numerology, I can see things more clear now thanks to your guidance.
I was facing a few huge hurdles, I sought advice from Charru using her skills and experience with numerology. The response was very helpful clear guidance – not only for myself but to others involved in my life. Thanks Charru
I seriously thank you for everything, I truly appreciate all. You’re amazing!
Rajiv Singh
It’s the first time I had seen a numerologist , so I really did not know what to expect. She was able to tap into my energy and provide all the answers and reassurance I needed. She was accurate
Akilesh Nogia
I loved my reading with you and felt so comfortable speaking with you. I am also so happy and more confident after session with you! Thank you!!
Manvi Rathore
Really informative, lots of knowledge. Very confident on reading numerology.
Divya Singhal
Charru is very lovely and very knowledgeable. Really amazing insights!
Anish Kumar
Thank you Charru, you definitely provided the comfort I was seeking. I don’t know what energy you transferred to me but I’ve not once felt overcome with emotion today – for that I’m grateful. I will certainly let you know how I go and what transpires in the next few months.
Loved the positive energy you brought to me and can’t stop speaking to people about it. Thanking you!
Deepti Oberoi
I would highly recommend having a reading with Charru, very knowledgeable.
Mayank Chauhan
HIGHLY recommend her for numerology readings! I feel so blessed to have crossed passed with you on my travels.
Ankit Chadha
she has been absolutely accurate about everything that has unfolded in my life.
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