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Charru Gupta

🌟 Welcome to Your Journey of Self-Discovery!

Hello, I'm Charru Gupta, your Master Numerologist, Vastu Consultant, and Life Coach.

🔮 About Me:

I guide individuals on their path to self-discovery and empowerment. With expertise in Numerology and Vastu, I specialize in life direction, compatibility, relationships, career, finance, and more. Harmonizing energies in your home and office can bring positive transformations. Let's discover a new version of you!

✅ Services:

As a Numerologist and Vastu Consultant, I teach, consult, and explore Occult Science to enrich your soul. My expertise is shaped by learnings from top Indian Numerologists and Vastu Coaches.

📰 Recognition:

Featured in newspapers, magazines, and news channels, my articles on Numerology and Vastu aim to inspire and inform.

🌌 Vision:

To be your trusted advisor and coach, creating a better life through scientific and practical Numerology and Vastu solutions.

🚀 Mission:

Providing professional guidance and education in Numerology and Vastu. Let's overcome life's challenges and embark on a journey of growth and fulfillment.

Ready to transform your life? Let's explore the possibilities together!

Charru Gupta Numerology & Vastu expert

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Everything in the universe resonates with a unique energy vibration, and numbers are no exception. Numerology, an ancient and mystical practice, explores the interplay of numbers and letters, each with its own distinct vibrational essence. Numerology delves into the connection between these vibrations and their influence on our personalities and life events. Each number from one to nine corresponds to a planet, forming a celestial mosaic in one's Numeroscope. A Numeroscope offers insights into an individual's life purpose and direction, guiding them to unlock their hidden potential.


Vastu is a science of flow of energy

Is vastu a modern science or ancient science ? It’s a 4000 year old science which was deep rooted in our ancestor but in today’s life because of our greedy modern lifestyle we have abused the nature with our own hand and directly or indirectly we are responsible for our sufferings.

Vaastu Shastra elaborates the basic sense of designing the architecture of building/flats/House/Commercial and Industrial properties.

Vastu is basically a study of energy that effect your thought. How to hormonise ourself according to nature’s five elements (Earth, Water, Sun, Air & Space) in a building and to make the best use of their effects to energize the mental & physical energies of inhabitants.


My Services- Numerology

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My Services- Vastu


The Rules of Vastu


Applying Vastu Shastra principles, similar to Indian Feng Shui, can bring positive results and address issues. Yet, in existing structures with established foundations, making substantial structural changes is challenging for ordinary individuals, restricting their full benefit from these principles.

Basic Structure of Home


The main entrance has the same importance in a house as the nose on the face.

Just as each nostril inhales air and purifies blood,energy enters through the main entrance and therefore it should be properly located.


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    Numerology & Vastu

    Numerology & Vastu is purely science which can help you in every sphere of life particularly in your Career, Health & Relationships.

    Why Me

    Simple techniques to teach and learn

    Honest and scientific opinion to our clients.

    Give proper time, listen patiently to our clients

    No False commitments

    No expensive remedies

    Give proper support after consultation

    We give more than value for your money

    Why to take Numerology Consultation from Charru Gupta

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    How to Book the Consultation

    Here are the steps-

    • Call/Msg us to Book your Consultation
    • Give us your D.O.B, Born Time, Full Name
    • After Your Report is Ready it is Mailed to you
    • You can Read your Detailed personalized Report
    • Your Doubts are discussed live with Charru Gupta on Zoom
    Numerology Consultation
    • Detailed Report: Receive a comprehensive and insightful numerology report.
    • Detailed Live Discussion: Engage in an in-depth live discussion to explore your numerological profile.
    • Years of Experience: Benefit from Charru Gupta's extensive experience in the field of numerology.
    • Most 5-Star Rated Numerologist on GMB: Charru Gupta is highly rated on Google My Business for her exceptional services.

    Awards Received by Charru Gupta


    • Charru Gupta is a renowned numerologist from India who has assisted countless individuals in uncovering the mysteries of their lives using the power of numbers. Numerology consultations can provide valuable insights into your life, helping you make informed decisions in various aspects. Contact us to learn more about the benefits and pricing of our services.
    • To inquire about the pricing of our numerology consultations, please get in touch with us directly. We believe in providing personalized solutions tailored to your needs, and our pricing may vary based on the specific services you require.

    Numerology and Vastu are scientific approaches that can positively impact various aspects of your life, including your career, health, and relationships. These sciences offer insights into your personality and can guide you in making choices that align with your best interests, ultimately leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

    We recommend cost-effective remedies that are as effective, We prioritise providing practical solutions that bring positive results without unnecessary financial burden.

    • The timeline for experiencing results can vary depending on your unique date of birth and the specific Vastu-related aspects of your property. During personalized consultations, we will discuss the expected timeframe for results, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

    For numerology consultations, you can expect a thorough session lasting between 30 to 45 minutes, during which you can ask any questions you may have. Onsite Vastu consultations typically require 1 to 2 hours. However, our focus is on providing you with the best value and satisfaction, so the duration is not rigidly limited, and your understanding and comfort are our top priorities.


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